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Start faxing for free from your web browser in three easy steps:

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Step 3 - send fax

Create a fax to send in any application on your computer. Save it as a PDF, upload it, tell us the number to which to send it and sit back while your fax is sent.

Our plans

We offer three different faxing plans.
Our free plan allows you to send up to 25 pages of fax per month, entirely free of charge. We add an extra page with an advertisement to each fax sent.

Our ad-free plan removes the advertisements and lets you send up to 1,000 pages of fax per year. It costs less than a dollar a month - $9.95 per year.

No advertisements, numbers for inbound fax in both the UK and USA and 2,000 pages of fax per year. This one costs under two dollars a month - $19.95 per year.

More services

Bring your number
You can bring your existing fax number to us. Contact support@faxx.us with the number you'd like to bring to us, and we'll check whether it's possible to bring it across.

If these plans don't cover your requirements, then please get in touch with us by e-mail at sales@faxx.us. We have an API for application developers available, and our scalable infrastructure and interconnects support the sending of hundreds of thousands of faxes per hour.


If you'd like to keep your existing fax machine and number, but not pay for a dedicated fax line any more, then our FaxJack's for you. More information here.

Help and more information

You can contact us by e-mail at support@faxx.us, post on our forums at http://forum.telng.com and find out more about us at http://www.telng.com.

We welcome any and all suggestions for enhancements to our services, fault and bug reports, praise and constructive criticism.